Vascular Plants in Shropshire
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Vascular plants and charophytes

The Botanical Recorders for Shropshire are Sarah Whild and Alex Lockton. If you are interesting in plants in Shropshire, you might consider joining the Botanical Society.

Our database of vascular plants is the biggest part of the SEDN database, Florawith over 500,000 records. These are summarised in the recent Flora and Vegetation of Shropshire, which is one of the most comprehensive and authoritative county Floras published in recent years. It covers all the charophytes, bryophytes and vascular plants recorded in the county since the 18th century, as well as the National Vegetation Classification.

It is available from Summerfield Books or ordered directly from the Shropshire Botanical Society for about 35. Alternatively, you can download for free a pdf of the Flora (Flora and Vegetation of Shropshire 2015) from the Botanical Society Archive.

The species accounts from the Flora are kept up to date by additions and amendments every few months. This is also available from the Dropbox folder, as ‘Flora of Shropshire 2017.’

>> View the Botanical Society Archive Dropbox folder

Accessing Data

SEDN is uniquely generous with data. We want people to be able to access and use our data in their publications, reports and educational materials. The only thing we ask is that you do not plagiarise it, pass the raw data on to anyone else (just refer them to us) or attempt to sell the data. But please do use it in consultancy reports, books, papers, or anything else where you are doing your own work, rather than just passing on ours.

You can download a summary of the entire Flora database as an Excel table from the link below. With a few simple skills this can easily be filtered to produce reports for you. For example, highlight a column (site or monad, for example) and click on the filter button to allow you to easily select just the records you need for a site or 1 km square of countryside. If you do not know how to read a grid reference, visit the Ordnance Survey web site.

>> SEDN Data Dropbox folder

>> All the plant records are also accessible on our own web database, which has just been revived for us by John Handley. It has a few glitches still, but the important task of selecting all records for a site is possible and many people find that handy: follow this link.

Recording Plants

You can use this Shropshire Recording Card. Print it off, fill it in, then photograph it with your mobile phone and send us the image.

Alternatively, use this Excel Spreadsheet to put your recording into. It lists all the commoner plants of the county. Put a 1 in the second column by the plant you recorded, then sort the list by column 2 and delete the rest. Then add the site, grid reference, date, etc.

>> How to record plants in Shropshire

SEDN Reports

SEDN encourages its recorders to produce 1-page reports that interpret the data in a way that is useful to planners and land managers. Some of the reports you can find are listed below. Go to the SEDN Reports Dropbox folder to access them.

  • Brown Moss assessment 2016
  • Black Coppice Meadow 2015
  • Plants of Battlefield Church ponds
  • Plants of Battlefield Pond
  • The Moors, Ellesmere
  • Plants of Bomere Pool
  • Crassula helmsii at Bomere Pool
  • The Foxholes, Farlow
  • Stevenshill
  • Stevenshill Rare Plants