Bryophytes in Shropshire
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Bryophytes (mosses and liverworts)

Sphagnum subnitensBryophytes are recorded by the British Bryological Society, which puts its entire database on the National Biodiversity Network web site, which is therefore the best place to find records of bryophytes.

SEDN also collects bryophyte records and has compiled much historical information that would not otherwise have been available. Our data is incorporated into the BBS database, and makes up the greater part of that. Some - but not all - BBS data is also incorporated into the SEDN database. It is complicated to make two such databases compatible, but they both have their strengths, so your best bet as a user is to consult both sources.

If you want to record bryophytes, you can send records to the BBS county recorder or to us at SEDN. But note that bryophytes are difficult and we do not keep records of very common species found by people who are not proficient. The best way to study bryophytes is to concentrate on a small number of species and make sure your identifications are correct, as in this study of Climacium dendroides by Lisa Barlow.

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