Diptera (flies) in Shropshire


There are over 7,000 species of fly recorded from Britain. These include craneflies, hoverflies and many other fly families. A few thousand of these have already been recorded in Shropshire and each year new species are added to the Shropshire list. Pete Boardman and Nigel Jones share responsibility for Shropshire fly recording. Pete specialises in the craneflies and their allies, whilst Nigel covers a number of families such as hoverflies, soldierflies picture wing flies and Tachinid flies.

Find out more about invertebrate recording from the Shropshire Invertebrates Group.



An Atlas of Craneflies of Shropshire was published in 2007. A free PDF download is available here, and a fully updated edition should be available in 2016.

>> Cranefly Atlas 2007

>> Important craneflies in Shropshire 2016





You can download a summary of our Diptera database here, in Excel (xlsx) format. Right-click the hyperlink and choose ‘save file as’.

>> Diptera database

Photos: (from top left clockwise) Callicera rufa, Tanyptera atrata, Volucella zonaria and Nyctia halterata.


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