Lepidoptera in Shropshire

Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths)

Recording of butterflies and moths is undertaken by a number of groups and individuals, loosely coordinated by Butterfly Conservation, with whom we work closely. However, because of the diverse nature of lepidoptera recording, we do not have particularly even coverage of the county.

The aim of SEDN is to get distribution and site data on butterflies and moths, preferably at 1 km scale. Moth traps in gardens can contribute towards this, but we do not need the precise location of the garden. It would also be interesting to have site lists for important sites, as moth data in particular is notoriously difficult to analyse, and we would like to seek more uses for it.

SEDN does not collect transect data or monitor populations on a year-to-year basis. Butterfly Conservation does that.

>> Shropshire Lepidoptera database

County Recorder: Tony Jacques (rec-vc40@vc40tj.plus.com)

County Recorder for micromoths: Mike Shurmer (mpshurmer@gmail.com)

Records are also accepted through iRecord.

If you wish to help national monitoring schemes please see here: http://www.ukbms.org/Default.aspx

But please remember to also submit your records to SEDN via the County Recorder so that they can be used in a Shropshire context. If you carry out transects or more systematic recording, please submit your results as a summary count of each species recorded per site (preferably a 1km square).



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