Pond Surveys

The Freshwater Habitats Trust has joined forces with SEDN to survey and monitor ponds in the county.

PondNet is an exciting new national volunteer survey to collect information about trends in pond quality and pond species, including rare plants and animals. It is the first habitat-based volunteer survey network of its kind, aiming to provide much-needed information about the condition of ponds and the species they support. The results will be used by Freshwater Habitats Trust and other environmental organisations to influence government freshwater policy; and to help us direct conservation work where it is most needed, to achieve the greatest gains for freshwater wildlife. PondNet is made possible thanks to funding from Heritage Lottery Fund.

The project is to record the more ecologically valuable ponds, especially those with Tubular Water-dropwort (Oenanthe fistulosa) or the Mud Snail (Omphiscola (Lymnaea) glabra).

Ponds in Shropshire with Oenanthe fistulosa:

  • Attingham Deer Park (thriving)
  • Battlefield Pond (thriving)
  • Brown Moss Pool 5 (just reappeared, following management)
  • Edstaston (one plant in 2012)

Ponds in Shropshire with Omphiscola glabra:

  • Whixall Moss (not found in 2016)
  • Hodnet (not found in 2016)
  • Brown Moss (thriving)

You can find reports on these species and sites in the SEDN Reports Dropbox folder.

We are looking for volunteers to resurvey these ponds, using the recording form below:

>> PondNet Oenanthe fistulosa recording form


Oenanthe fistulosa 1
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