Psocoptera (barkflies) in Shropshire


Psocoptera are very common small insects which are usually discarded by local entomologists as “by-catch” not worth bothering with. As a result, despite their presence in almost all situations that the entomologist investigates, there are less than 250 records for the order (as of 2015).

Graphopsocus cruciatus (with weakly marked wings) by David Williams


A drawback to recording is that nearly all require close examination to determine the species, with very few easily identifiable in the field. There is, however, a very useful website for the National Barkfly Recording Scheme which provides a key, for species encountered outdoors, primarily based on wing venation and there is a key to the order by New in the Royal Entomological Society’s Handbooks for the Identification of British Insects series.

These insects are usually very easy to find so why not have a go. Alternatively you can pass on your specimens to me.

Note: Any specimens you do wish to pass on should be stored in 70% alcohol otherwise they shrivel up and become almost impossible to identify.

Keith Fowler



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Graphopsocus cruciatus - David Williams
Elipsocus hyalinus by Bob Kemp
Trichadenotecnum sexpunctatum by Mike Shurmer
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